[Core] Easier Task Styling

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[Core] Easier Task Styling

Post by idoiuseisee » Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:15 pm


I think it would be very useful to get a faster way to style a task (font/color).
ToDoList already has this very cool feature where you can automatically change the task appearence based on an attribute (Preferences > User Interface > Fonts and Colours). This is very nice.

Although, if we want to apply it to a custom attribute this is not possible, and it comes in handy.

I can imagine a few ways of allowing it:
- Simply adding the option "Custom Attribute" in the feature that I describe above (maybe a little hard to impelement)
- Develop a "Conditional Formatting" feature (I believe this may become even harder)
- A "mark task as.." feature (this may be the easiest one)
The 'mark task as' could list a few options of customized font and color style.
When the user chooses an option, those style configurations are applied to the task - and who knows, some default/custom attribute could also be changed to a specific value.

Thank you anyway!
My regards.

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