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[Core] E-mail reminder feature

Post by dandadude » Tue May 26, 2020 4:50 am


I am a totally new user and plan to use this great piece of sw from now on.
The last few days I have been searching for a todo-solution that can provide e-mail reminders, because I usually have problems looking through my todolists (too big and just keeps getting larger) and what I surely check several times a day is my e-mail, so there I don't skip anything. There are very very important tasks that I tend to skip because of the too big chaos and if e-mail reminders would be available, I wouldn't skip them (of course I need to make sure that there aren't too much mails :-)).
This is a feature that I couldn't find in any todolist sw that is free and offline or even self-hosted... Commercial sw have the option, but who wants to use that...

It would be enough if we could specify an SMTP server with user/pass perhaps the encryption method, perhaps be available to test the connection and there would be an option by the reminder icon to send mail about it :-)


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