two in a row: Automatically set status and change log file path

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two in a row: Automatically set status and change log file path

Post by idoiuseisee » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:54 pm


Let me please be short and simple:

1. ToDoList lets you to automatically set a color if you set a certain task with a certain status, which is pretty neat - keep this feature in mind for reference.

In my case, I use a lot of "Pending", "In progress" and "Closed" approach. So it would be very usefull to be able to set a task automatically to "In progress" automatically when I start tracking time in that task. Of course, one might not use this approach and set different statuses in which this feature does not fit, or might not set it to "In progress", but to a different one. After all ToDoList's status are manually set up. But the idea is not to link time tracking to 'In progress' but to any status that the user finds fit. Just like that color-status feature.

Of course! The task is in progress when I start time tracking, but it stays in progress when I stop tracking time : )

2. When you track time on tasks, ToDoList saves a beautiful log file! goes onto the same folder as the tasklisk file. We should be able to associate a specific folder to the log files of a specific tasklist file (imagine each tasklist represents a different project, and we want to save the log file to the file where we keep the project's log files).

2.1 I'm not a big fan of the structure of the name of the log file.
I use log files on a daily basis, so a file named "ToDoList_tasklist.csv" is not enough. If I was daydreaming, I'd say it would be fantastic to choose how we want the file name to be constructed: imagine choosing between a constant string, date, time and set the order of these elements.

If I was to be realistic however I could just ask you to insert date and time into the file name and I would be hapyy : )

It's pretty much it. But if you did not understand something, please tell me!

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