Task Tree view: pinpoint more easily the parent task

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Task Tree view: pinpoint more easily the parent task

Post by Djo » Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:03 pm

It's not always easy to identify, in the Task Tree, what is the parent task of a given sub task. When there are multiple levels of sub tasks, it is often hard to identify at which level each task stands precisely.

In a traditional file explorer, when "folders" and "files" are displayed in a same tree view, they are well separated. At a given level the folders are always displayed first, then the files:
- Folder 1
-- Folder 1.1
-- Folder 1.2
-- File 1.1
-- File 1.2
- Folder 2
-- Folder 2.1
-- File 2.1
-- File 2.2
-- File 2.3

So it is quite easy to identify the levels.

In ToDoList, each file (task) can become a folder (parent task), so of course the parent tasks and tasks are not displayed in a specific order. This is of course one of the great idea of Todolist and we don't want to change that, but this makes the levels more difficult to identify.

See this project for example. Can you tell at a glance to which parent task / level of hierarchy the selected task belongs? Mmmh, I find it not easy at all to tell at a glance, and even if I'm a (happy) user of TDL for years.
20210606-dim.17h42-01.png (27.83 KiB) Viewed 119 times

There is a option in the preference that helps: "Display the selected task's path in the header bar". With this option on, the path is displayed it the column header. This can be helpful but it demands quite an effort for the brain to read the path here in order to identify the parent task.
Another suggestion would be to displayed the full path in the status bar, that could be helpful too, but quite demanding for the brain too.

So this is another suggestion: when a task is selected, highlight slightly its parent task, with a slight visual cue. For example, that could be a change in the folder icon of the parent task:
20210606-dim.19h10-01.png (28.01 KiB) Viewed 116 times
This would indicate at a glance the parent task.

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