ToDoList 8.0.21 is available for download

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ToDoList 8.0.21 is available for download

Post by abstr » Fri May 21, 2021 2:58 am

Hi Everyone

Get it here or via 'Help > Check for Updates'.

What's Changed from 8.0.20:
  • Fixed task 'Dependency' date calculation propagation
  • Fixed missing 'Time Tracking' log dialog when closing ToDoList
  • Fixed 'Escape' key cancelling 'Gantt Chart' moves
  • Fixed environment variables expansion in 'File Link' tooltips
  • Fixed applying 'Column Visibility' changes to 'Delay Loaded' tasklists
  • Fixed date updating of tasklists in 'Examples' folder
  • Fixed hang caused by 'Drag and Drop' of tasks with 'CTRL'
  • Added 'Yesterday' option to 'Analyse Logged Time' dialog

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