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Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 1:32 am
by abstr
Hi All

The following notes are required reading before making any suggestions for features. If your post does not satisfy any of these points I will respond by referring you back to this post.

1. Read this blog post.

2. ToDoList (TDL) is a generalised tool for tracking tasks, and as such will never be specialised to work according to a specific methodology (eg. GTD). If you want it to work according to a specific methodology you could consider writing a plugin or forking the code.

3. Even if English is not your primary language you must explain exactly how it will work and what aspects of the application will be impacted.

4. If your suggestion involves changes to the UI you must provide modified screenshots to show how your feature will affect TDL. It is not enough to link to images of other applications which have the functionality you want.

5. You must regularly check back here to see if further information is required of you. If you post a suggestion and then don't follow it up the suggestion will be deleted it after a while.