8.1.A5 is available for download

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8.1.A5 is available for download

Post by abstr » Sun Sep 12, 2021 2:22 am

Hi Everyone

Get it here only or via 'Help > Check for Updates' in a 8.1.DP* build.

This version is now suitable for production use, but please make sure you have enabled backups in the preferences.

What's changed from 8.1.A4:
  • Fixed toolbar icon scaling under high DPI
  • Fixed saving 'Workload' view to image
  • Fixed 'Workload' calculation refresh
  • Fixed 'Workload' parent task calculations
  • Fixed 'Workload Totals' label text colour
  • Fixed 'List View' groups when switching from 'Priority' to '<none>'
  • Fixed 'List View' row navigation to avoid group headers
  • Fixed 'List View' task selection history navigation
  • Fixed 'List View' options droplist positions when edit fields are located on the left
  • Fixed 'List View' options droplist visibility when the 'Comments' field is maximised
  • Fixed 'List View' selection after parent item is deleted
  • Fixed 'Task Tree' selection after new task is cancelled
  • Fixed 'Status Bar' updates after undo/redo of a task deletion
  • Moved 'Pin/Flag' icons to RHS of 'Kanban' items
  • Added 'Unallocated' column to 'Workload' view
  • Added preference for 'List View' group header background colour

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