ToDoList 8.0: No more updates except for critical bugs

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ToDoList 8.0: No more updates except for critical bugs

Post by abstr » Thu Aug 05, 2021 8:15 am

Hi All

In an effort to keep moving forward and prevent stagnation (8.2 is already in development), I've decided that version 8.0 has now effectively reached the end of its development life-cycle.

What this means is that, except for critical bugs (read 'data loss or crashes'), all bugs reported in the '8.0 Stable Release' forum will now be moved to the '8.1 Alpha Release' forum and fixed there.

This simplifies things for me and hopefully nudges people/you in the direction of 8.1 which I now consider safe for production use (with all the usual caveats).

ps. The 8.2 development branch currently includes:
  • 'Calculated Custom Attributes' which can themselves reference other calculated custom attributes
    customcalcs.png (3.5 KiB) Viewed 409 times
  • 'Calendar' and 'Week Planner' display of 'Custom Date Attributes'
  • Performance improvements for tasklists with large numbers of tasks
so if those interest you I encourage you to upgrade to 8.1 so that we can get that formally released and I can start releasing 'Development Previews' of 8.2.

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