ToDoList 8.0.22 is available for download

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ToDoList 8.0.22 is available for download

Post by abstr » Wed Jun 16, 2021 1:28 am

Hi Everyone

Get it here or via 'Help > Check for Updates'.

What's Changed from 8.0.21:
  • Fixed 'Week Planner' 'Go to Today'
  • Fixed minimising app when 'Find Tasks' dialog is docked
  • Fixed 'Kanban' dragging of 'Custom Date Attributes'
  • Fixed 'File Link' column tooltips for 'tdl://' links
  • Fixed order of tabbing through dialog controls
  • Fixed 'Filter' droplists' text colour
  • Fixed 'Tag' filter when 'Any tag can match' is unchecked
  • Fixed 'Keyboard Focus' when closing 'Time Tracker' window

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