Using TDL to do Eisenhowe Matrix

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Using TDL to do Eisenhowe Matrix

Post by didi » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:44 pm

Dear fellow TDLers,

TDL has Gantt en Kanban en can be used in so many ways... But I haven't seen anyone talking about using it to organize yourself by the Eisenhower Matrix. To do this, you won't need another feature or plugin (of course, that way it could be nicer and ... but it's not necessary, which is why also I post this here and not in suggestions).
For those unfamiliar with the Eisenhowe Matrix, here a quick resume (for mor info I leave you to read up on the internet). It's a value or principle based system (I would say), where you organize your tasks (life) according to what is important (or not) and urgent (or not). And that way you end up placing all your todo's in four categories: important and urgent - important but not urgent - urgent but not important - neither important nor urgent. These four categories respectively ask for these actions: Get done ASAP - Schedule to be done - Delegate - Don't do, forget about it. The most important category is the important but not urgent one, where your life really happens. Two different people with the same list of tasks could end up with a different distribution depending on their "values": what they consider important (for them) or not.
Implementing this in TDL: There is already a priority attribute that could be used (whether you want that to be Importance or Urgency... up to you), and Risk could be the other. Of course, if you don't like this setup, or you use these for something else and need custom attributes, TDL is capable of that. And custom attributes could be handier, because the idea is to categorize things in a yes-no manner, not (as is the case with the priority and risk attributes) in degrees: it's not so much a question of HOW important this is, but just: is it important or not? Of course, here again, it's a question of personal preferences, style, etc...
The next step is to creat custom filters (Find Tasks), where ASAP would only show tasks that are important and urgent; Schedule those that are important but not urgent; and so on...
And by keeping the whole list, but ordering the attributes of importance and urgency, you could have a sort of whole overview of the 4 categories and where everyone ends up. This is where a extra feature/plugin would come in handy, to make this visually easier, but... it's not necessary.

For anyone who uses this Matrix, but hadn't thought of it perhaps, or those who didn't know this system but would like to try/use it, I hope this is useful.

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Re: Using TDL to do Eisenhowe Matrix

Post by abstr » Wed Jan 20, 2021 11:52 pm

Hi didi

Would you be able to illustrate your text with some screenshots pls?

Even though I love reading I find technical concepts so much easier to grasp with pictures...

ps. There are a couple of old discussions about creating an Eisenhower Matrix plugin on the old Google Group that may be interest here...

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