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TDL import /export CSV

Post by JonR » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:28 pm

Hi Everyone,

For my own needs I am pursuing the use of Excel to drive calculations for fields in TDL. In addition to export to CSV and import from CSV (among other formats), TDL has the ability to import to an existing list using TaskID as the key field and so can selectively retain or update field data.

This discovery spawned from earlier interest in built-in calculation fields/methods.

The workflow I envision is not fully developed but hopefully will crystallize soon - Set up an Excel workbook with formulae or macros to perform the operations, knowing which columns of the exported CSV relate to which parameter. Export the TDL to CSV and perform the operations, save it and immediately reimport to TDL. Sort/filter in TDL as needed.

With auto-export to CSV (during the save process) maybe the possibity of having almost frictionless automation is on the horizon...

Today I tested the basic export /re-import and am glad to report the process is reliable and easy (I didn't even have to close the list).

I plan to keep adding notes here when I make more progress.

Feel free to add any discussion or suggestions for use cases or methods.

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Re: TDL import /export CSV

Post by abstr » Thu Feb 20, 2020 2:45 am

Thanks for the update Jon.

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