My user interface layout (alternative to the default)

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My user interface layout (alternative to the default)

Post by Djo » Mon Sep 13, 2021 12:20 pm

I used for years ToDoList with the default interface layout (comments on the right, edit fields on the bottom). But there was an "horizontal fight" between the task views and the comments. I kept changing the size of the comment area depending on my current activities on the comments or on the task views, because both could not be wide enough simultaneously. Another thing is, to read and write it's more comfortable when text is more or less centered on the screen, so comments on the right of the screen was not ideal for me. Sure I could use Maximize comments but this is not for reading/writing only short comments while dealing with your tasks in the task view.

I've changed recently for another layout and I'm very pleased with it (on a 24 inches 16/10 monitor):

AlternativeLayout.png (175.2 KiB) Viewed 475 times

So the comments are now on the bottom of the task view, with the edit fields on the left of the comments.

I like this layout because:

- full horizontal space for the task views to display plenty of columns (and that's great for Gantt)

- the comment area is permanently wide enough. In the default layout I kept reduced its width to display more stuff in the task view.

- the comments are nearly centered on the screen, so its more confortable to read and write.

- the edit fields on the left shifts the comment area more to the right / center and creates a kind of left margin. It improves the accessibility and readability of the comments (text on a wide screen starting directly from the left of the screen is not very comfortable to read /write)

The drawback is of course that the vertical display of the task view is reduced. But the comment area can be reduced (manually) almost completely when needed (or the Task View maximized with Ctrl+M). In fact the "vertical fight" between the comments and the task views is much less a concern than the horizontal one to me.

The preferences for this layout are:
- Reposition edit field during resizing: checked
- Position edit fields: Below Tasklist
- Stack edit fields and comments when they occupy the same position: checked
- Stack comments above edit fields: unchecked
- Position comments: Below Tasklist

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Re: My user interface layout (alternative to the default)

Post by KFCrosby-TN » Thu Nov 04, 2021 8:44 pm

Very nice, thanks for this tip!

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