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ToDoList Feature Release - A simple and effective way to keep track of your current programming tasks
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Welcome to AbstractSpoon Software, where everything is free!

Everything on this site is free, the only proviso being that if you use bits of the code, you may not say that you wrote them yourself
(note: this is not the same as me insisting on you inserting copyright info in your code which is a pointless exercise).

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ToDoList now has its own resources page.


Please note that I am not in any way seeking remuneration for my work here (and never will). I have however (on advice) set up a PayPal account for those people who, for reasons of their own, wish to make a contribution.

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The following downloads accompany the articles listed on the left of this page.
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ToDoList Feature Release
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Software Downloads
Most of the stuff I write is of a component nature rather than a fully fledged tool or application which is why this section may be a bit thin.
Latest Updates
ToDoList Feature Release
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VssReporter 2.1 (for VSS6 and .NET)

VssReporter 2.1 (for VSS5 only)

ToDoList Help 1.3 (for 3.7)

ProjectZip Remoded 1.6

ProjectZip 1.6

EasyFtp 1.3

CodePlotter Remoded 1.6

CodePlotter 1.6


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The following applets were written in 1995-96 to help me make the transition from structural engineer to software engineer.

They are here for historical reasons only and should not be taken as being representative of my current work.




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